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June 6, 2013
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Equestria Girls Adoptables! by XMLP-FIM-BasesX Equestria Girls Adoptables! by XMLP-FIM-BasesX
These adoptables used to be ponies, but are now humans!
I used the game [link] and the ones on the bottom of the page to make these.

Equestria Girls Hasbro
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:
Character designs XMLP-FIM-BasesX

:star: Rules! :star:
:bulletpink: You can change anything you want once you have it.
:bulletpink: You have to pay me before you use them
:bulletpink: Do not steal
:bulletpink: Take your time and actually draw them
:bulletpink: Do not sell for your own

Going from Left to right:

1. (3 :iconpointsplz:)
Name: Star Graze
Age: 14
Personality: Star Graze is wise girl who loves to write stories. She has many friends, but isn't very sociable.

2. (4 :iconpointsplz:) TAKEN BY :iconadoptables-4you:
Name: Rainbow Nebula
Age: 16
Personality: Rainbow Nebula is a very nice,outgoing girl, but shy when she meets new people. It's hard for her to warm up to people, but when she does they become best friends immediately. She loves to study the stars, and her favorite galaxy is the milky way galaxy, which is far, far away.

3. (3 :iconpointsplz:) TAKEN BY: :icongamer-princess714:
Name: Silver Wings
Age: 14
Personality: Silver Wings is nice at times, but is a bully at others. Her family beats her and hates her all the time, and she feels it's unfair that everyone else is having a good time except her. She puts people/ponies down because she wants everyone to be as miserable as her. When she flies her wings glitter like silver.

4. (5 :iconpointsplz:) Taken by :iconrainbowdash260:
Name: Icey Sun
Age: 16
Personality: Icey Sun hates going out, and she doesn't have any friends. She believes that friends just always turn their back on you when things get ugly. She's never had a single friend or boy/coltfriend in her lifetime. She is bullied constantly for it. Her only comfort is making cold desserts.

5. (5 :iconpointsplz:
Name: Florabelle
Age: 17
Personality: Florabelle is a normal girl/mare who loves to study and grow flowers. She has no parents, and lives by herself. Her cooking is horrible, but she has a few friends. She is homosexual, and Silver Wings picks on her because she is.

6. (3 :iconpointsplz:)
Name: Kandice Corn
Age: 14
Personality: Kandice is a nice girl, who loves to make candy. She is very shy, but is brave when time comes.

7. (4 :iconpointsplz:) TAKEN BY: :iconrainbowdash260:
Name: Cake Sugar
Age: 17
Personality: Cake Sugar is very scared and shy. She has few friends, only those who are quiet and shy as well. Her family is very big and loud. She has two little brothers and a older brother. Her mother and Father love to go see the world, but Cake Sugar usually stays home. She loves the peace and quiet and hates large crowds.

8. (3 :iconpointsplz:) TAKEN BY: :iconmammarmiar:
Name: Choco Delight
Age: 16
Personality: Choco Delight loves chocolate candy, cake, and sweets. Anything that is chocolate, she is eating it. She is picked on for being 'Fat' or 'Chubby', and she is very self conscious about her weight. She is transgender, Stallion/Boy to Mare/Girl. She is also picked on for that too.

9. (1 :iconpointsplz:) Taken by :iconadoptables-4you:
Name: Terra Fauna
Age: 15
Personality: Terra Fauna is very good with birds. She loves to be around them, and she can name almost every type of bird. She can understand them as well. She helps her mother as a vet to help sick animals.

10. (4 :iconpointsplz:)
Name: Golden Thread
Age: 15
Personality: Golden thread loves to sew dresses. Even though her mother and father keep trying to have her in the medical career, she always zooms right back to dressmaking. She makes beautiful dresses, and always makes extra money to help her brother, who is trying to escape a debt with a mafia.
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